• Dounia Tlemçani

    Artist Painter

    Born in Fez, within a family environment steeped in the artisanal art of Zelij Beldi mosaic. My childhood was characterized by frequent visits to the family workshops, where I was captivated by the desire and emotion of drawing geometric shapes on shards of terracotta tiles, and the art of engraving horses on copper plates, as well as the boldness of drawing on caftan fabrics and glass windows.

    My passion for drawing eventually developed into a desire to paint on canvas, which I pursued over time. With a degree in industrial design and engineering, I have skillfully fused the rational conceptual with the imaginative artistic to produce a unique and emotionally charged creativity, punctuated by colors and rich textures.

    Exhibition 《 Reconquering the soul 》, prefaced by AZZEDINE HANOUN

    Vassily Kandinsky once said, « Vassily Kandinsky once said, "The soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating. »

    The exhibition by Madame Dounia Tlemçani is a perfect illustration of this interaction between art and the human soul. The different paintings are the expression of a soulful vibration, born from personal experiences. The artist masterfully and spiritually describes to us a true journey through the depths of the human soul. She traces the troubled and winding path of this essential component of being, which defines its nobility and greatness.

    In moments of great difficulty, our inner strength emerges. It is a strength that elevates us beyond everyday life, emotions, and our original distress. This is the underlying theme of this highly surprising exhibition by an artist driven by the richness of her soul and the magnificence of her spirit. She has successfully narrated her inner spiritual journey, her struggle for the fullness of the soul.

    All her paintings are the expression of a path taken to reclaim a soul, tormented by difficulties, dramas, and doubts. She manages to trace a virtuous path towards salvation. Salvation is not defined by the destination, but by the journey itself.